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Each business process needs automation and that’s why IT applications. But sometimes, handling too many applications separately can be tricky. Some apps if clubbed can help reduce time and efforts and in turn, increase efficiency. To integrate two or more applications, a linking bridge is developed that allows access to data in different formats on one common platform. The integrated platform, despite having multiple functionalities and sub-systems, works as one single application. Therefore, data from different sources can be exchanged easily and be used as a single piece of information.

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AASTI (Academy for Advanced Studies & Training International) is a unique global provider of quality Professional Education, Vocational, Corporate and other specialist training programmes and courses at an affordable price and at a pace that suits your requirements; using a variety of innovative techniques.

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DBW Techlounge

Our custom e-learning services are a one-stop solution for all your e-learning needs. With the wealth of our experience across organizations of different sizes and varying needs, we begin by understanding the learner's needs and then create a learning strategy that aligns well.

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Fynd Foot

FyndFoot is the largest marketplace for storage, making it simpler to move and store your stuff. Our website lets you compare the most storage options nationwide and pick the best solution for your needs, whether it's traditional self-storage or full-service storage.

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The Pop Up Shop

THE POP UP SHOP offers a all in one solution to start your very own online store. It is a turn-key ecommerce solutions that provides everything you need from end to end (minus the product and business know-how) to setup and start selling your product(s) to the world in contrast to you putting all the pieces together yourself.

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AdviceMojo is the start of the revolution to democratize knowledge sharing, by making years of experiential learning more accessible than ever before. By enabling micro consultations and widespread sharing of expertise across domains and geographies .

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Fynd Forum

FyndForum an online & offline Community of entrepreneurs, CEOs/ founders, top level executives of companies , business experts/brokers to network, share, insight, strategy and grow together by providing offline/online opportunities through organizing events, seminars, conference, meetups, technology summits, trade shows.